Memorial week in Lviv oblast

21.06.2011, 15:40
Seventy years ago the NKVD carried out mass executions of intellectuals in Lviv region

On June 22-28, Lviv oblast is going to hold memorial events to mark the 70th anniversary of the mass murders in Galicia, reports The Day newspaper. The innocent victims’ memory will be honored in Lviv, Zolochiv, Busk, Brody, Sokal, Sambir, Turka, Stryi, and other cities and villages of Lviv oblast. Priests of various denominations will hold an ecu­menical prayer service on the morning of June 22 in Lviv, while representatives of the local government and non-governmental organizations will lay flowers at the walls of the torture chambers on Lontskoho and Zamarstynivska streets, where in June 1941 NKVD operatives massacred civilians, especially intellectuals.

On the same day, the Avenue of Freedom will host, near the Taras Shevchenko monument, an exhibit of photos from the Lontskoho St. Prison Museum. Memorial events are also planned for the next day in the village of Luchytsi, Sokal district, where the NKVD killed the Rev. Martyn Mykolaichuk and some local peasants, and in Brody district, where a number of Red Army recruits were executed to avoid being taken prisoner by the Nazis. Archival materials, including photographs of those executed in June 1941, will be displayed near the Zolochiv castle which housed an NKVD torture chamber in the Stalinist era.

There will also be memorial events in Dobromyl, Starosambir district, where over 3,500 people were shot dead at the Salina tract in 1941. The authorities have called upon Lviv city and oblast residents to visit the memorial events, carrying the photographs of their relatives who were killed at that period. It is also suggested that the entertainment events sche­duled for June 22-28 be postponed — for example, the Youth Day celebrations will be held a week later (on July 3 instead of June 26).

As RISU informed earlier Ecumenical prayer for victims of Nazism and communism to be held on June 22.

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