“Nowadays, our Ukrainian army is working a miracle over the Dnieper," - Head of the UGCC on the thirteenth day of war

08 March, 11:44
“Nowadays, our Ukrainian army is working a miracle over the Dnieper," - Head of the UGCC on the thirteenth day of war - фото 1
"Today, our Ukrainian army is working that miracle over the Dnieper, stopping the invasion of our northern neighbor, who set foot on our land, bringing devastation and death, trying to destroy the freedom-loving Ukrainian people. But we surprised the whole world with the power of love for our Homeland, the power of unity of the Ukrainian people. We are working a miracle for a people who demonstrate their love of freedom to the whole world. And it surprises the whole world," the Head of the UGCC says in the appeal.

Patriarch Sviatoslav said that Pope Francis' special envoy, Cardinal Conrad Krajewski, is arriving in Lviv today. Thus, the Apostolic capital begins a special humanitarian mission in Ukraine.

"Today, we want to meet our guest with dignity and help him see the wounds of Ukraine, help, as his Holy Father requests, to touch the wounds of Christ in the body of the Ukrainian people wounded by the war. We want to go together with him where it is most difficult today. Now, Ukraine is once again in circumstances where millions of people have moved when our women and children are forced to leave their homes. And the Church is and will be with its people. It will be where it is most difficult, where our presence is most needed, to embrace these people, to serve them, to ease their suffering caused by the war.

Today I would like to thank all those who express and show active love and support for our people. I would like to especially thank the Catholics of Moldova, in particular bishop Anton Coşa, Bishop of Chisinau, who organized the support and reception of our emigrants, our refugees who found themselves on the lands of Moldova. Your Eminence, thank you very much! We are grateful to all those who open their arms to the victims of Russian aggression today.

Today I urge you all: pray for Ukraine!

I appeal to the international community: do everything possible to stop this madness! Because before our eyes, Ukraine is being crucified today. There is no night when bombs do not fall on the heads of civilians. Together we will stop the war! Together, let us be instruments, instruments of God's peace in our times!

God, Save Ukraine! God Save your children! God, support and grant victory to our army! God bless Ukraine!", goes the appeal of the head of the UGCC.