Pope puts on an "Azovstal" bracelet

26 February, 14:26
Pope puts on an "Azovstal" bracelet - фото 1
On the anniversary of the full-scale war, the Pope demonstrated support for the Ukrainian people. The pontiff put on his arm the iconic "Azovstal" steel bracelet.

The Ukrainian delegation visited the Pope. Members of the delegation asked him to facilitate the release of all Ukrainian citizens from captivity, reports Channel 24.

Francis was presented with a branch of cotton, a flag from the liberated village in Mykolaiv region and salt "power" from Soledar. There was also a coin, "Mariupol", the heart of Mariupol and a steel bracelet.

Pope puts on an 'Azovstal' bracelet - фото 109521

Together with the symbols of invincibility, the Ukrainian delegation handed over to the pontiff a list of captured civilians and military personnel who defended the city from the Russian army. The pope was asked to include the Vatican's voice in their immediate release.

Project for the sale of the bracelets "Azovstal. Symbol of invincibility" was launched as part of the United24 platform. All funds were directed to purchase drones for the Ukrainian military.

By the way, one bracelet cost UAH 1,500. The last bracelet from the pre-war batch of metal of the legendary Azovstal iron and steel works was sold on December 14. The batch of the bracelets was 100,000 pieces.

The money was allocated as follows:

o UAH 40,338,907 from the sale of the first edition were sent to the "Army of Drones".
o UAH 152,770,290 from the sale of the special batch "I believe the Armed Forces of Ukraine" was transferred to the system of countering enemy drones "catcher of Shahed".
o UAH 94,000,000 from the sale of the last international edition will be transferred to the Naval Drone Fleet.