Putin one hour late to meet Pope

04.07.2019, 17:10
Russian President Vladimir Putin was late again for a meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was late again for a meeting with Pope Francis in the Vatican.

It was reported by Evropeyska Pravda.

The Vatican website announced that the meeting is scheduled for 13:00. Putin's presidential plane landed at Rome's Fiumicino airport at 12:58, following his arrival the Russian President immediately headed to the Vatican.

Starting from 13:00, the personal Secretary of Pope Francis, journalists and the guard of honor were waiting for Putin near the Apostolic Palace (the Pope's residence). The Russian President arrived at 14:07.

In the Italian capital, security measures have been intensified because of Purin's arrival, the traffic has been blocked in the "green zone", which includes 50 streets, protest actions are prohibited, and airspace over Rome is controlled.

Russian President moves across Rome on a private armored limousine Aurus Senat.

Numerous law enforcement officers, snipers and patrols with the support of anti-terrorist units are placed along the route of the motorcade.

Security has also been enhanced in St. Peter's square and the streets surrounding the Vatican. Pilgrims and tourists are not allowed access to the square. Only the side paths to enter the Basilica are open.

The meeting of the Roman Hierarch and Putin continued in the library of the Pontiff's Palace for about an hour, as established by the Protocol of the Pontiff's meetings with foreign guests

Upon completion of the ceremony, the President and the Pope exchanged gifts.

The Roman Bishop gave Putin as present an engraving with a view of St. Peter's square of the XVIII century, so that the Russian President "did not forget Rome".

Putin, in turn, presented the Pontiff with an icon of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul. Thereafter, Putin and the accompanying members of the Russian delegation spoke with Vatican Secretary of state Pietro Parolin.