Seventh-day Adventist Pastors from Ternopil Talk on "Apocalypse Secrets"

29.03.2007, 16:56
The church began to broadcast via satellite the program "Secrets of the Apocalypse."

The church began to broadcast via satellite the program “Secrets of the Apocalypse.”

Ternopil— Ukrainians will have the opportunity to watch the program “Secrets of the Apocalypse” from 10 to 31 March 2007. The initiators invite all interested persons to view the live broadcast of the program to be presented by doctor of theology Petro Kulakov. The Seventh-day Adventists (SDA) have even issued a special booklet and small calendars for 2007 to inform as many people as possible about the shows and attract them to come to specified addresses. RISU correspondent Volodymyr Moroz reported.

The informative program, as it is described by the Adventists, is full of strange expressions from modern Hollywood blockbusters, like “Star War,” “What the dead do not know,” “Secrets of the stone matrix”… Potential viewers are assured that they will learn when the first star war started, who is the main character of the Apocalypse, incorrect statements about Armageddon, and who was the first inquisitor.

In general, according to the initiators, the program was initiated in order to bring man to God and to improve the level of spirituality.

SDA regional pastor Vasyl Velychko and Ihor Losyk, pastor of the SDA community in western Ukrainian Ternopil, agreed to talk about this project and the general activity of the Adventists in the Ternopil Region.

What, in your opinion, will these broadcasts bring to people and what will they to realize after watching the programs?

Vasyl Velychko : Two years ago, a similar program in Ukraine was organized by foreign evangelist Mark Finley. First of all, this book is to tell people about Christ the Savior. This good news should be brought to everyone. Today, we live at a time when the Gospel is being widely spread, as Christ said in words prophetically recorded in chapter 24 of Matthew: “And this Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” At the closing of the program on 31 March, the host of the program, Petro Kulakov, will give a summary, and local presbyters may choose to give summaries in their churches.

The program and advertising information are packed with symbols. Why are there so many of them?

Vasyl Velychko : The book of the Apocalypse, as well as the Book of Daniel, are encoded with many various symbols. Why the “Star War”? Because the Bible calls Lucifer the morning star who rebelled against the Lord in Heaven and was thrown down to our Earth. The stars are persons and the war, started by the devil between these heavenly persons, is the star war. Expressions like the star war, matrix, are used to rouse the curiosity of people, arrest their attention. A certain interest from people depends on the name of the program “Secrets of the Apocalypse.” It shows that there is something to be discovered. Humans are so designed that they want to know secrets, especially secrets of the future. They always look for someone to tell them at least something of their fortune.

Ihor Losyk : For many people, the Apocalypse is the end of the world. That is what the year 2000 was expected as. Some might even go to church more often. Calamities and troubles make one think about one’s life and oneself. It is exactly such a time now. People’s interest is indicated by the fact that less people came for the program of Mark Finley, even though we also conducted the program twice a day, then.

How do viewers respond to what they see?

Vasyl Velychko: The expression on people’s faces, as far as we can see, shows that they are interested and begin to pay attention to their own salvation. The vortex of earthly life sometimes prevents one from looking up to heaven to see the beauty of the Gospel, the Lord, and the meaning of one’s life. For many, the meaning of life may probably be material well-being or career, and the Lord allows one to see through the Apocalypse not only the earthly things, but things behind, to see that there exists another life, to which the Lord calls us.

How can you describe the spirituality of the modern person, what specificities can you note?

Vasyl Velychko : One can currently notice, and not only in Ternopil, some general degradation of morality, relations between parents and children. In some way, it is the fulfillment of the words of Christ “lawlessness will multiply and love will grow cold.” (Mat. 24:12) It seems that evil is progressing, but, on the other hand, people have a stronger thirst for God, church, church life, and purity. This is indicated by overcrowded churches on holy days, especially in the Ternopil Region. Eastern Ukraine is a different picture, but in the Ternopil Region, the background of the traditional churches is very strong.

What relations do the Seventh-day Adventists have with people of historically traditional denominations?

Ihor Losyk : You may be surprised, but our relations are very good and dependable. In our ministry, we never try to put down the dignity of a person or church organization or to give a critical assessment thereof because of their denomination. It is a particular Christian ethic, maintaining good relations. We are not called to have a critical attitude to any Christian church.

RISU’s Ukrainian-language site posted the text on 20 March 2007.

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