The Head of the UGCC advised how to be a patriot of Ukraine while living abroad

28.04.2021, 10:44
Love your homeland, even if you live in another country. Think and pray for it. Your love will tell you what needs to be done specifically for Ukraine. His Beatitude Sviatoslav, Father and Head of the UGCC, said this during the Open Church program on Zhyve Television, answering questions from a Ukrainian woman from Germany. Then he gave some practical advice. The guest of the Head of the Church was Yevhen Nyschuk, a Ukrainian actor of theater and cinema.

The Head of the Church shared some specific advice on how to be a patriot of Ukraine while living abroad, for example, in Germany: "First of all, tell the truth. Make posts in German on social networks. Tell your family and friends the truth about the situation in Ukraine."

"You must be witnesses of the truth, and the truth has its power. Feel free to talk about the war in Ukraine," he added.

The Father and the Head of the UGCC also recommended taking concrete actions to help Ukraine. "I know that many of our diaspora support a particular soldier or someone who needs treatment. Such issues are coordinated by our communities in different parts of Germany and other countries. Such assistance is very important," the Primate stressed.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav also called to speak to the heart of the German government, because Germany today is an important partner of Ukraine.

And Yevhen Nyschuk noted that during the last seven years of the war in eastern Ukraine, volunteers from the Ukrainian diaspora in different countries of the world have done a lot, thus showing their love for Ukraine. "Even a small Easter egg or a picture with the words ‘We are with you!’ will be enough," he added.