Today, Ukraine honors children who fell victims to Russia's aggression against Ukraine

04 June, 15:23
Today, Ukraine honors children who fell victims to Russia's aggression against Ukraine - фото 1
On June 4, Ukraine honors the memory of children who died as a result of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine for the first time at the state level and celebrates the International Day of children who were innocent victims of aggression.

The Ombudsman's Office declared that 152 children were killed and another 146 were injured during the period of Russia's armed aggression in the Donbas.

"In Ukraine, during the entire period of the conflict, from April 14, 2014, to April 30, 2021, 152 children were killed (including 102 boys and 50 girls) and 146 children were injured (including 120 boys and 26 girls). Unfortunately, these painful statistics do not fully reflect the scale of losses suffered by children during the long-term armed conflict," the Ombudsman's Office said in a statement.

The Ombudsman's Office reminded that according to the law "on child protection", a child who, as a result of military operations or armed conflict, was injured, concussed, maimed, suffered physical, sexual, psychological violence, was abducted or illegally taken out of Ukraine, was involved in military formations or was illegally held, including in captivity, is established the status of a child who suffered as a result of military operations and armed conflicts.

The OCU reported that they join in prayer the remembrance of all Ukrainian children who have suffered and still suffer because of Russian aggression and occupation.

"The Orthodox Church of Ukraine prays daily for children, their parents and relatives – for their health and well-being, for a peaceful sky above their heads, for family reunification, for their peace of mind. It is difficult to realize that the other day in the frontline areas, children who have not seen life without war, without shelling and explosions, who would not be afraid to fall asleep, walk freely, explore the world, enjoy life... and we once again pray for the end of this war, for victory, call on the aggressor to stop, come to his senses, leave the Ukrainian land, understand their irreparable mistakes, the victims of which are not only adults but also innocent children. Don't ruin their lives, they must grow in peace and love to be happy. Don't take away happiness from your children!" Metropolitan Epifaniy wrote.