Two years anniversary of enthronement of Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine

07.02.2021, 19:55
Two years anniversary of enthronement of Metropolitan of Kyiv and All Ukraine - фото 1
Metropolitan Epiphaniy of Kiyv and All Ukraine officiated at a festive service on the occasion of the second anniversary of his enthronement.

Source: Orthodox Time

The enthronement of the Head of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine took place at Saint Sophia Cathedral in Kyiv on the 3rd of February two years ago, which was a glorious ceremony of great religious and historical importance.

In the two years the Orthodox Church of Ukraine exists, four local Churches have recognised it while -according to some information- at least two more Churches intend to do so soon.

Despite several attempts by the Russian Church to undermine the matter in Ukraine, parishes and priests have been moving towards the new Church, which was expected to happen very soon by the end of the restrictions due to the pandemic.

At the same time, according to sociological studies, Metropolitan Epiphaniy is the religious leader who has widespread approval among Ukrainians. Metropolitan Epiphaniy and the priests of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine have been following the Greek traditions more than the Russian ones and, therefore, they have managed to make the Church more attractive to the common people and especially to the younger ones.

“Despite the fact that not much time has passed, much has already been done to establish Ukrainian Orthodoxy. From east to west, from north to south, the Orthodox Church of Ukraine is open to all. It has been recognised by local Churches – Sister Churches- and supported by the Ecumenical Patriarchate, that is the Mother Church. However, the most important achievement we have made is the unity and integrity of our spiritual family,” it was written in the announcement of the Church of Ukraine in relation to the enthronement of Metropolitan Epiphaniy.

By Kostas Onisenko