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Ukraine-largest Nativity scene arranged in Ternopil Church

04.01.2018, 10:07

The largest Nativity scene in Ukraine was already arranged in the Church of the Holy Apostle Peter in Ternopil. Residents of the regional center can see the record Nativity scene when visiting the church, according to Zbruch.


This year the width of the Nativity scene is 50 meters and the height is 20 meters. As reported, the Nativity scene in Ternopil is listed in the Book of Records of Ukraine. It has been installed for thirteen years in a row.

“This huge Nativity scene has already become a good tradition for our church. Every year we try to make the crib special. For example, this year we made a new background that features Bethlehem. A few new figures were also added. We are waiting for the inhabitants of the region in our temple. Everyone wants to see the shop, says Fr. Damian.

Architect Father Kosma has worked on the details of this year's crib since summer. According to his project, a moving crib was created, in which St. Francis rings the bell and calls people to worship God.