Ukrainian Muslims Condemn Terrorist Act In Moscow

25.10.2002, 15:50
Muslim organizations in Ukraine have condemned the terrorist act in Moscow on 23 October 2002, when approximately 700 spectators were taken hostage by a group of gunmen in the building of the theatrical center “In Dubrovka.” In addition, they expressed their extreme concern that among the hostages are also Ukrainian citizens, who have no relation to the war in Chechnya. This news was reported by the information agency “Ukrop” on 25 October 2002.

“Islam is against any methods of problem-solving, even in war time, that involve taking innocent citizens hostage,” reads a joint statement, released by four Ukrainian Muslim organizations. These were “Arraid,” the Ukrainian Muslim Interregional Association of Civic Organizations, the Islamic Cultural Center in Kyiv, the Muslim religious community “Marmakhat” and the Muslim religious community in Kyiv. “The Holy Koran does not have any calls for terrorism,” reads the statement. “On the contrary, the Lord says, ‘… whoever slays a soul, … unless it be for manslaughter, it is as though he slew all men, and whoever keeps it alive, it is as though he kept alive all men.’” (Surah 5, verse 32) The Muslim organizations believe that no purpose, even such a noble one as the cessation of war in Chechnya, can justify the terrorist act in Moscow. “However, we also cannot but condemn the extremely violent and bloody war between Russia and Chechnya, which has killed thousands of innocent people. The recent events in Moscow are a consequence of this war,” reads the statement of the Muslim organizations. According to them, the Moscow incident is only another testimony of how futile military methods are in solving conflicts. Ukrainian Muslims believe that military actions should be transformed into active negotiations. “The war in Chechnya has to be stopped as soon as possible. This is the most important thing,” stated the Ukrainian Muslim organizations. Source: