Husar's Visit to Western Europe Facilitates Ukraine’s European Integration

07.02.2002, 10:05
Starting on 23 January and continuing until 11 February 2002, Cardinal Lubomyr Husar, the head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), will be on a European "tour," meeting with European Union leaders, religious leaders and representatives of episcopal conferences. As of 31 January he had met with officials in Italy, Germany and Belgium.

During his stay in Brussels from 28 to 31 January, the head of the UGCC conducted a number of official meetings. In his talks with influential figures of the European Union, Cardinal Husar raised important issues such as Catholic education and the significance of implementing various social projects. He also emphasized the need to support the International Bureau on Education and Development of the Greek Catholic Church in Ukraine. This project is working to improve the exchange of information among Ukraine, the UGCC, the European Union, and various other European institutions. Founded recently, the bureau has already gained the official acclaim of the Belgian government. With Cardinal Husar’s blessings, Fr. Ivan Dacko, the UGCC commissioner for international relations, and Peter Firman have undertaken administrative duties and become president and vice-president of the bureau, respectively. During his tour, Cardinal Husar also participated in the meeting on 24 January in Assisi, Italy with representatives of Christian churches and leaders of world religions, a meeting that took place at the initiative of Pope John Paul II.. Staying in Germany from 25 to 26 January, Cardinal Husar took part in the annual working meeting of a special commission consisting of representatives from the Council of Catholic Episcopal Conferences in Europe, and also representatives from the Orthodox and Protestant churches. Participants at the sessions discussed a project of possible joint efforts. One of the interesting proposals put forth during the discussions was that of conducting an all-European ecumenical convention. Members of the commission agreed that such a convention could not be held earlier than 2005. Source: press service of the head of the UGCC