Autocephalous Orthodox Remember Deceased Patriarch

07.10.2002, 16:01
On 4 October 2002, Archbishop Ihor (Isichenko) of the Ukrainian Autocephalous Orthodox Church (UAOC) celebrated a liturgy in memory of UAOC Patriarch Dymytrii (1915-2000). Priests from the Kyiv and Lviv eparchies of the UAOC, as well as from the diaspora, participated in the liturgy, which was held in the chapel of St. Demetrius in Kyiv. A theological seminar devoted to the life and thought of the deceased patriarch was held after the memorial service.

The seminar, entitled “Patriarch Dymytrii’s Spiritual Heritage and Current Religious Life,” was held in the conference hall of the UAOC patriarchate. The speakers emphasized that current social processes in Ukraine confirm the patriarch’s deep concern over the country’s fate. This concern permeated many of Patriarch Dymytrii’s pastoral epistles, which are partially collected in a book entitled “Talks About The Fearful Present” (Kyiv, 2001). In his report at the seminar, Archbishop Isichenko pointed out that the principle of church-state separation should be undoubtedly adhered to. Churches, therefore, need to restrain themselves from supporting directly any of the social forces that are currently opposing each other. According to him, the mission of the church is to form an atmosphere of social solidarity and peaceful dialogue, as well as to encourage conflict resolution on the basis of the Gospel’s teaching. In addition, Archbishop Isichenko expressed his direct and unreserved support for the journalists who are struggling for freedom of speech in Ukraine.

Source: press service of the UAOC