29.12.2023, 11:57

The RISU editors are starting a new artistic and educational project "Cultural Heritage of the Sheptytsky Family", within the framework of which they plan to collect and popularize information about the movable and motionless sacred and cultural heritage associated with the Sheptytsky family.

проект «Культурна спадщина роду Шептицьких»

The Sheptytsky, especially Metropolitan Andrey, did a lot to support and develop Ukrainian culture, especially sacred. They not only were one of the largest patrons of art in Ukrainian history, the Sheptytskys cherished the development of Ukrainian cultural identity, supported the formation of a national artistic style, brought up understanding and value of their own authentic heritage, artistic taste.

Today we can see numerous examples of Sheptytsky's activities in the field of culture. One of the biggest attractions of this activity is the National Museum in Lviv, founded by Metropolitan Andrey and named after him.

Recently, however, there are more and more examples of the destruction of this heritage. In some places it disappears through natural circumstances or human mismanagement, and sometimes it is destroyed deliberately (as it was in the village of Slavskoe in May of this year). This is often done because they do not know or do not understand the value of this heritage, do not know how to preserve it in an authentic form.

Therefore, RISU wants to draw attention to this heritage, collect and place educational information on the portal, popularize it and draw attention to the state of preservation of these monuments, and, if necessary, sound the alarm for their protection before destruction. After the scandalous situation in Slavske, we consider it necessary to act proactively in order to prevent irreparable cultural losses. Actually, Sheptytsky and their associates saved hundreds of artistic monuments from disappearance or destruction. And now we can see them, in particular, in the National Museum in Lviv.

It is worth noting that we are talking not only about the Greek Catholic cultural heritage, since the Sheptytskys collected and saved sacred works of different traditions, supported artists of different faiths, and their heritage today is in churches of different denominations.

The following works will be carried out within the framework of the project:

  1. preparation and placement of articles, infographics, photos and videos on the RISU portal;
  2. launching an interactive google map and placing information on the location of monuments on it;
  3. popularization of information about monuments in social networks;
  4. development and popularization of tourist and pilgrim routes to these monuments;
  5. possible holding other public events (seminars, round tables) in order to draw attention to the state of the monuments.

The project will consist of several chronological parts (active phase - compiling a list of monuments, preparing materials, etc.), but in general it can be lengthy, since we are talking about a sufficiently large amount of information and about an unlimited process of popularizing monuments. It is also possible that the project will continue in one form or another..

RISU invites art historians, historians, ethnographers, culturologists, church figures, researchers of the Sheptytsky heritage, as well as specialized institutes and tourist and pilgrimage organizations to carry out this project..

Of course, such a voluminous project also requires its patrons, who consider it useful and want to contribute to the study and popularization of the Ukrainian cultural heritage, who value the experience of the Sheptytsky brothers and strive to imitate them.

To participate or support this project, please contact the editorial office at [email protected], on Facebook on the RISU page:

The project is timed to coincide with the 150th anniversary of the birth of Fr. Clement Sheptytsky, which is celebrated in 2019, and the 155th anniversary of Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, which will be celebrated on July 29, 2020.