Christmas greeting of President Victor Yushchenko to Ukrainian people

11.01.2010, 14:39
On 6 January, 2010 the presidential web site posted Viktor Yushchenko's Christmass address to the Ukrainian nation.

Christmas is coming.

From a distance, from some strange depths we hear its still quiet first bells.

Christmas Eve comes to our homes in peace and tranquility.

Today the unsaid and inmost is spoken.

I remember Christmas at my own home.

A warm fairytale of childhood.

Somewhere, in the vast spaces of winter, God is born. Father and mother knew about Him. And in a child’s heart big world of festival, mystery, and family love was born.

I think of Christmas in our common home, native and good for all.

Whatever the ordeals, I know and believe that we share love, and mystery and celebration.

We are one people. As travelers in a snowstorm we have been following our star for so long. Its birth, the birth of fraternal love, is the birth of God on cold, winter plains.

Quiet, gentle love to each other, to common will, common home and its foundations, life, its warm light and children.

These are our values. Against the darkness, evil, wrong and thraldom.

I wish you, dear and great Ukrainian family, merry Christmas holidays.

It is good to know that this moment we live by one faith - faith in the good and the birth of God.

I wish you happiness. I wish happiness to all the people of our land.

God grant good health to our families, our children, relatives, all friends and us.

God grant us His love and His blessed warmth.

We should fill our home with love and hope.

And the miracle will happen. Because everything will be fine.

I believe in the miracle of life, in a fairytale that is born and always lives in the soul of a child and the soul of the people.

Above the ancient den, where our dream, and faith and life are, God lights the star.

Merry Christmas!

Christ is Born!

Praise Him.