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Conference On So-Called “Totalitarian Sects” To Be Held In Vinnytsia

03.10.2002, 08:23
An international scholarly conference entitled “Totalitarian Sects: A Threat to Human Rights in Eastern Europe,” will be held in central Ukrainian Vinnytsia from 8 to 10 October 2002. It will be organized by “Dialogue,” the All-Ukrainian Center of Religious Security and Assistance to Victims of Destructive Sects.

The conference will analyze the activities of so-called “totalitarian sects” in Ukraine and Eastern Europe, which, according to the organizers, continue to pose an increasing threat to social and individual safety, as well as a menace to human rights. On 2 October 2002, the organizers from “Dialogue” expressed their hope that the conference will enlighten the problem of the spread of what they consider to be destructive cults and also consolidate healthy forces in society to eliminate them. Delegations of the regional branches of “Dialogue” and representatives from foreign anti-cult organizations and various Ukrainian denominations are expected to participate in the conference. This will be the second conference on this subject to be held in 2002. The first one was held in eastern Ukrainian Zaporizhzhia in February 2002, after which the Hare Krishnas and some Protestant communities claimed misrepresentations of their organizations and filed a lawsuit against “Dialogue.”

Source: www.orthodox.org.ua