Copy Of Shroud Of Turin Arrives In Lviv

01.10.2002, 18:28
A copy of the Shroud of Turin arrived in Lviv from Minsk, capital of Belarus, on 28 September 2002. Since then, every day thousands of Leopolitans have come to the Greek Catholic Cathedral of St. George, to venerate the relic.

“The copy of the Shroud of Turin’s stay in Ukraine is a time of the grace of God. The Shroud encourages us to look inside our hearts without any hesitation and admit our sins before ourselves and before God,” said Cardinal Husar, head of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC), in his address to the faithful on the occasion of the Shroud’s arrival. The Greek Catholic hierarch believes that the success of the Shroud’s stay in Ukraine will depend on how many people come to venerate it and then look deeply into their hearts and reconcile with their neighbors and God. “May the presence of the Shroud among us be a powerful means of purification for us and our society, and may its pilgrimage throughout the Ukrainian churches become a symbol of the victory of God’s merciful love over human frailty,” stressed Cardinal Husar. Source: press service of the head of the UGCC