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Cornerstone For Greek Catholic Patriarchal Cathedral Consecrated In Kyiv

29.10.2002, 20:48

“This cornerstone will remind future generations of the remarkable time when, after so many unsuccessful years, our dreams began to come true. Today, the churches witness the tragic split which has separated all the descendants of Grand Prince St. Volodymyr. Every one of us picks a church for himself very carefully. So now, when we are constructing a church for Greek Catholics, there may be reproaches that, by doing so, we are only deepening the division. I would like to refute this idea, and emphasize that by building the church we are not intensifying the split. We are trying to bring closer the time when every Kyivan will be able to enter any church in Kyiv without hesitation and with clear conscience, as it was during the reign of Grand Prince Volodymyr, to bring closer the time when one patriarch of a single national Christian church in Ukraine will reside in St. Sophia’a Cathedral,” stressed Cardinal Husar at the consecration ceremony. After the construction of the cathedral is finished, the spiritual center of the UGCC will move from St. George’s Cathedral in Lviv to Ukraine’s capital, Kyiv. Today, the UGCC has only two small churches in Kyiv. The construction of the majestic cathedral, which will be 58 meters long, 49 meters wide and 61 meters high, will substantially increase Greek Catholic representation in the religious panorama of capital. The designer of the future Greek Catholic cathedral is a famous Kyivan architect, Mykola Levchuk. Sources: www.ugcc.org.ua