Foreign ambassadors to present their credentials to the President in St Sofia of Kyiv

03.06.2022, 08:20
Foreign ambassadors to present their credentials to the President in St Sofia of Kyiv - фото 1
The newly-appointed ambassadors of foreign countries will present their credentials to the President in St. Sophia of Kyiv, continuing the thousand-year history of Ukraine's foreign policy.

Zelensky stated this before foreign ambassadors in St Sofia of Kyiv.

"The heart of a free Europe is beating in Ukraine. The heart of our state is beating in Kyiv. And the heart of our capital is beating here – in St. Sophia Cathedral. This is a special place for our country, this is a special place for our people. A special place of a special force that inspires the Ukrainian nation and protects the Ukrainian nation, protects the Ukrainian statehood, whose roots go back not to a century, but to more than a thousand years.

This cathedral was founded more than a thousand years ago by the ruler of our Kyivan Rus-Ukraine, Prince Volodymyr the Great, and completed by his son Yaroslav the Wise.

It is symbolic that this is where the meeting with foreign ambassadors takes place. The Grand Duke of Kyiv was perhaps the best diplomat in medieval Europe. The philosophy of his foreign policy is not to create ruins, but families, exactly the families. His daughters, granddaughters and great-granddaughters have occupied royal thrones in many countries-in France, Poland, Norway, Scotland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Hungary, are mothers and grandmothers for dozens of European kings.

Dear family, welcome to Ukraine – to a part of our common history and our common roots. Here lives the eternity that reminds us of the past, and an energy that inspires us to fight for the future. For our future."

The president stressed that the presentation of credentials on the territory of St. Sophia Cathedral emphasizes three things: Ukraine's trust in the ambassadors, sincerity to them and responsibility on the part of foreign states.

After the speech, he received credentials from the newly appointed U.S. ambassadors Bridget Brink, Moldova's Valeriu Chiveri and India's Manoj Kumar Bharti.

Zelensky thanked all the foreign ambassadors who returned to Kyiv and is also happy to welcome the other ambassadors.

At the end of his speech, Zelensky wished the foreign ambassadors that they would then tell their grandchildren about their time in Ukraine and about their visits to Donetsk, Luhansk and Yalta in Ukraine.