International meeting «Recovery of Ukraine: Global Academic Solidarity»

13.09.2022, 11:28
International meeting «Recovery of Ukraine: Global Academic Solidarity» - фото 1

The recovery and post-war transformation of Ukraine will be a complex and lasting process. The power of international solidarity we experience during the war should empower us in establishing a sustainable model for Ukraine’s development for the years to come. It requires commitments, partnerships and efforts from many local, national, and global players now. What is the role of human capital in the recovery? Can Ukraine become a global platform for innovations in establishing itself as a country with a vibrant social, economical, cultural, and political life? We invite you to join our panelists in discussing these complex issues during UCU Days.

  • Human capital as an element of recovery. What human capital will Ukraine have in 1-5-10 years?
  • Ukraine as a laboratory of social transformation
  • A new social contract: How can representatives of education, business, government and international partners interact in a new way?
  • Action learning: How to change education in Ukraine and how can our international partners support Ukraine now?
  • What kind of solidarity is needed in Ukraine?


Vlad Rashkovan, Alternate Executive Director, International Monetary Fund, representing Ukraine and fourteen other states on the IMF Executive Board. Prior to the IMF served as Deputy Governor and a Member of the Board of the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), responsible for the development and implementation of the strategy for the Ukrainian banking sector reforms and a turnaround transformation project within the National Bank of Ukraine.

Anna Novosad, is a Ukrainian educational activist, co-founder of the charitable foundation savED. She used to serve many years in various positions at the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, including service as Minister in 2019-2020.

Archbishop Borys Gudziak, Metropolitan of Philadelphia, President of the Ukrainian Catholic University. He founded the Institute of Church History and served as the rector of UCU until 2012. Between 2012 and 2019 he was appointed Bishop of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg and Switzerland.

Volodymyr Turchynovskyy, Dean of the UCU Faculty of Social Sciences, Director of the UCU International Institute for Ethics and Contemporary Issues. He is the editor of Ethics in the Global World: Reflections on Civic Virtues, and has also published numerous articles and book chapters in both Ukrainian and English.

Dmytro Sherengovsky, UCU Vice-Rector for Academic Affairs and Internationalization, political scientist with special interests in International Relations and Conflicts, Human Rights in International Politics, Regional and Global Security. Has published numerous articles in Ukrainian and English, in particular about war in Ukraine.

Moderator: Sophia Opatska, Vice-Rector for Strategic Development, Founding Dean of the UCU Business School, member of the Board of European Federation of Catholic Universities.