Metropolitan Klyment of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not vacate the church in Yevpatoria at the occupants' request

20.08.2020, 14:37
Metropolitan Klyment of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church will not vacate the church in Yevpatoria at the occupants' request - фото 1
Metropolitan Klyment (Kushch) of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine said that he would not vacate the premises of the temple in Yevpatoria, which the Russian occupation authorities want to demolish.

"I will not vacate this room of my own will, and I will not take anything out of this room," Metropolitan Klyment said, according to Pavlovsky News. This was reported by 'Spiritual Front of Ukraine'.

As reported, the Russian occupiers handed the Bishop a decree on the demolition of the temple in Yevpatoria. The occupiers in Crimea are exerting pressure on the Archbishop of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church to destroy his own churches.

Metropolitan Klyment said that he has half a hectare of land and could build a new Church. Still, since the OCU in Crimea is neither registered nor re-registered under Russian law, no legitimate actions can be performed.

According to the Metropolitan, the diocese submitted five registration documents, but they were denied continuously permission to do so for various reasons. The Metropolitan also told about a clergyman of the Ukrainian Church, for whom the Russian occupation authorities began the process of property seizure.

"On the one hand, they (the Russian occupation authorities in Crimea, – ed.) seize property that they consider to be the property of the Crimea. The second case, Yevpatoria. They are trying to seize the land on which the church building stands. And the third way, because of the lack of registration, is to take away the property that is not re-registered until 2021 under Russian law, " said Metropolitan Klyment (Kushch).

He said that for the Primate of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, Metropolitan Epifaniy, the issue of Crimea is in the first place. "This is the main issue that he is trying to solve... very serious negotiations are underway with the Ukrainian authorities...".

Several human rights organizations made a statement about the destruction of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine in Crimea. At the same time, Metropolitan Epifaniy condemned the actions of the occupying Russian authorities in Crimea, and Metropolitan Oleksandr (Drabinko) called for an adequate response to 'spiritual terrorism' in Crimea. The Ministry of Integration of Ukraine has made a statement that Russia's oppression of believers in Crimea is a reason for tougher sanctions.