Mormon church withdraws its missionaries from Ukraine

25.01.2022, 16:05
Mormon church withdraws its missionaries from Ukraine - фото 1
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons) issued an official statement on January 24 about the withdrawal of its missionaries from Ukraine “due to the uncertainty of the situation around the country”.

This is reported by Portal-Credo.

The document contains a reference to the position of diplomatic missions of some states in Ukraine, which are preparing to remove some of the personnel and families of diplomats.

“Missionaries who were recently called up to Ukraine,” the statement says, “will receive temporary appointments to other places. Some missionaries will continue to serve in Moldova, which is out of potential conflict."

"We pray for a peaceful resolution of the tense situation around Ukraine and look forward to the time when the missionaries will be able to return," the document concludes.