Mourning ceremony 'Along the Road of Death' held in Babi Yar

28.09.2020, 10:18
Mourning ceremony 'Along the Road of Death' held in Babi Yar - фото 1
On September 27, a mourning ceremony 'Along the Road of Death' was held in Kyiv, dedicated to the beginning of mass shootings in Babi Yar.

This is reported by Radio Svoboda (Liberty).

The ceremony was attended by representatives of Jewish organizations in Kyiv and Ukraine, the righteous who saved Jews during world war II, representatives of local governments, public organizations and the diplomatic corps.

On September 29-30, 1941, the first mass shooting of unarmed civilians was carried out in Nazi-occupied Kyiv. Overall, from September 29 to October 11, 1941, the SS killed almost the entire Jewish population of the city – more than 50,000 men, women, and children. In the first two days of the shootings alone, nearly 34,000 people were killed. On October 1, 2, 8 and 11, those who did not appear on orders were shot – 17,000 more people.

In total, during the WWII, over 100 thousand people were killed in Babi Yar – Jews, Gypsies, Karaites, Soviet prisoners of war, members of the Ukrainian nationalist resistance movement, psychiatric patients and representatives of other national or social groups that the occupiers considered "superfluous".

Shootings in Babi Yar continued until the liberation of Kyiv from the Nazi occupiers.