Muslim women celebrate World Hijab Day in Kyiv

02.02.2022, 17:35
Muslim women celebrate World Hijab Day in Kyiv - фото 1
Muslim women mark World Hijab Day on the capital's Khreshchatyk with bouquets of flowers.

Muslims around the world celebrate this day annually on February 1. The event is being held in Kyiv for the fifth time, Ukrinform reports.

“We wear the hijab, because it is our duty. In addition, it is a respect for ancient traditions, as well as a stylish element of clothing. We are breaking down the stereotypes that have developed in society regarding Muslim women as oppressed women. We show ourselves free, active and Share this joy," said Zhanna Randina, one of the participants of the campaign.

An element of the action is roses, which activists distribute to passers-by women. According to the participants, flowers should cheer up women and become a pleasant compliment.

On this day, Muslim women around the world remind women of femininity, modesty, show people that the hijab is beautiful, is not a threat to society, but on the contrary — a decoration. They pay attention to the fact that they do not wear the hijab out of compulsion, it is their own choice, as well as a symbol of dignity, modesty and femininity.

Thematic events dedicated to the World Hijab Day are held in more than 15 cities of Ukraine.

Hijab Day was first celebrated on February 1, 2013. The initiator of the holiday was a Muslim woman Nazmi Khan. After her family moved from Bangladesh to the United States, she did not give up her religious beliefs.

Due to a misunderstanding on the part of society, she decided to talk about the history of the hijab and the main Muslim customs. Subsequently, it became a measure that was supposed to overcome negative stereotypes about Islam. Traditionally, Muslim women hold various actions to emphasize the right of women to wear traditional clothing not under duress, but at will.