Patriarch of Serbia tested positive for COVID-19

11.01.2022, 10:29
World news
Patriarch of Serbia tested positive for COVID-19 - фото 1
According to the protocol and the advice of doctors, Patriarch Porfirije will spend the next few days at home, where he will undergo home treatment as the doctors prescribed.

Source: Orthodoxtimes

According to the statement of the Patriarchate of Serbia, the Patriarch has very mild symptoms, while he has been prescribed appropriate treatment. He himself observes all epidemiological measures.

He contacts his associates via the internet constantly and performs his administrative duties unhindered.

As it is stated in the formal announcement: “He does not stop praying for the doctors, the medical staff and especially for the treatment of those affected by the pandemic and He expresses his regrets that the public events He would attend have been postponed until further notice.”