Pure Silver Coloured Coin – Pysanka

10 February, 08:50
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This 99.99% pure silver pysanka. Its colour-filled reverse features a deeply symbolic art style that is rooted in ancient tradition. With its earth-toned colours, harvest-inspired motifs and flashes of shining silver, pysanka is not only a reminder of the ties to nature, but a symbol of continuity, of harmony, and the connections that bring life.

Source: Mint.ca

This year, the net cash proceeds earned from the sale of the gold and silver pysanka coins will be donated to the Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal.

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2023 fine silver pysanka features a Trypillian art style, which is derived from prehistoric pottery designs and produced in earthy colours.

Crafted in 1 oz. of 99.99% fine silver, pysanka features warm, earth-toned colours and harvest-themed motifs. The complex design also makes use of the natural shine of silver, weaking sparkling precious metal with bright colour.

Trypillian pysanky are a modern expression of prehistoric designs: the symbols and colours are all grounded in traditions stemming from the ancient Trypillian civilization that existed in Ukraine between 5500 and 2750 BCE.

Surviving pottery from this neolithic period—specifically, Trypillian urns that were once used to store the land’s bounty—served as inspiration for this pysanka design, and this is why Trypillian pysanky mostly feature black, reddish clay, brown and ochre colours.

Designed by artist Natalie Kit, colourful fine silver pysanka features a Trypillian art style inspired by surviving neolithic pottery. Flanked by four parallel lines of life, the centre band features solar symbols and a weaving pattern containing seeds that represent the harvest. Another weaving pattern representing connection and continuity fills the upper and lower bands, where the grain is nurtured by rainfall. Above and below those bands, more lines of life bring strength and frame the powerful eternity line. The ripening grain is contained by vertical lines representing the four seasons, which are guided by time, represented by the spiral forms. The obverse features the effigy of Queen Elizabeth II by Susanna Blunt. The obverse also bears a special marking that includes four pearls symbolizing the four effigies that have graced Canadian coins and the double date of her reign.

Natalie Kit, Artist:

"My design reflects the infinite flow of time, with the river of life circling around and returning back in continuous harmony; the life-giving sky of light and rain; the bountiful earth producing the gift of food under the care of the people; and, during the seasonal death of winter’s sleep, the gathered and protected gifts of life, which are brought forth again in spring. To this day, the ancient symbols of harmony, fruitfulness, protection and life remain important and powerful symbols of the Ukrainian culture and people".

Janet C. Prebushewsky Danyliuk, Former Director and CEO, Ukrainian Museum of Canada:

"The design and imagery of the silver pysanka coin for 2023 pays homage to the unbreakable and undeniable tie to Mother Earth that the art of writing pysanky has depicted and honoured in its timeless tradition and history. This is the legacy of the Trypillian culture found thousands of years ago on present day Ukrainian land. The Royal Canadian Mint recognizes and honours this legacy with the release of this masterpiece of design and tradition".

Alicia Cook Sapene, Product Manager:

"Our hope was to bring to life the Trypillian motifs that are indicative of natural ties between the earth and the sun, and we wanted to maintain the illusion of the egg’s natural curvature while mimicking an antique style using earthy tones. The natural shine of silver incorporated into the intricate pattern is intended to brighten your collection".