"Russian government and Church serve as an instrument of a new form of Satanism," – statement of the All - Ukrainian Council

04.11.2022, 12:30
Ukraine and world
"Russian government and Church serve as an instrument of a new form of Satanism," – statement of the All - Ukrainian Council - фото 1
The pretentious ideas of protecting Orthodox values disguise the spiritual and moral bankruptcy of the Russian government and the Church, which serves as a tool for this new form of Satanism. This is exactly how the psychology of the rapist manifests itself – to expose the victim as guilty and then kill her in order to cover her tracks and get rid of the reminder of the crime.

This is emphasized in the Appeal of the All-Ukrainian Council held on November 3 to the public in response to the aggressive reproaches of the Russian Federation to "desatanize" Ukraine.

"Freedom of religion and belief is one of the basic human rights in Ukraine, a kind of litmus test for checking the state of democracy in the state. In totalitarian Russia, in conditions of Orthodox fundamentalism, state control over religious organizations and their diffuse coexistence, Russians have long been deprived of such a right. Constantly seeking for an excuse for the evil committed, the Russian authorities resort to new forms of hypocrisy. Having exhausted pseudo-argumentation about the "denazification" and "demilitarization" of Ukraine, Russian propaganda media spread a new goal of the Russian invasion – "desatanization", arguing that Ukraine, they say, turned into a "totalitarian hyper-sect", where citizens allegedly abandoned orthodox values.

Meanwhile, Russia's largest church, the Russian Orthodox Church, has become a component of Russia's aggressive state ideology, "sacralizing" and legitimizing the violence carried out in Ukraine.

What "traditional orthodox values" can explain the mass killings of the civilian population in Bucha, Kharkiv, Mariupol, and Izium? Or unmotivated cruelty to Ukrainian prisoners of war? Only the desire for violence against all those who disagree with the dictates of the "values of the Russian World", sanctified by the main ideologist and hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church – Kirill Gundyaev and his de facto ruler - Putin.

What "traditional Orthodox values" can a country that still preserves the mummified body of Lenin, the greatest fighter against religion, offer? Who doesn't know his statement: "We must fight religion. This is the alphabet of all materialism."

And what "Orthodox motives "can explain the construction and pretentious opening of the main church of the Russian Armed Forces, which is not otherwise called online the "temple of war" or the "Temple of Satan".

Therefore, Russia itself, not being a value-European country and stuck in another dimension, needs desatanization, along with demilitarization, deimperialization and deputinization.

But Ukraine has long proved its loyalty to the primacy of democratic values as the main vector of its development. And now it defends its right to freedom and independence – both territorial and spiritual-with weapons in its hands. What for Russia-a barbarian country, is seen as "thousands of sects" - for Ukraine – the realization of the rights and freedoms of its citizens.

Ukrainians are aware that independence and freedom (freedom of religion, freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and any other freedom) are not given, but need a constant struggle for them. And Ukraine continues to demonstrate an example of such a struggle, each of these 248 days of war," the appeal says.

The document's authors (V.V. Titarenko, A. G. Tyshchenko) call to put an end to "hypocritical and absurd reproaches, under the false pretext of which Russia carries out further attacks on the rights and freedoms of citizens of the sovereign state of Ukraine and asks the entire civilized world to rally around the protection of Ukraine as an outpost of democratic values and freedoms."

All-Ukrainian Council is an association of religious and public organizations, as well as all concerned citizens, around the Christian path of development of the Ukrainian state.

The initiators of the creation of the Union "All-Ukrainian Council" were Evangelical Churches, and well-known religious and public figures. The Spiritual Council of the "All-Ukrainian Council" includes senior bishop of the Ukrainian Church of evangelical Christians Mykhailo Panochko, chairman of the All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christians-Baptists Valeriy Antoniuk, senior bishop of the Ukrainian Free Church of Evangelical Christians Vasyl Raychynets, chairman of the Ukrainian Christian Church "New Generation" Andriy Tyshchenko, Bishop of the Council of Independent Evangelical Churches of Ukraine Anatoliy Kalyuzhny and other leaders of religious organizations. The coordinator of the "All-Ukrainian Council" is Oleksandr Turchynov.