Terrorist Strelkov Visits Valaam Monastery in Russia

04.09.2014, 13:13
Terrorist Strelkov Visits Valaam Monastery in Russia - фото 1

Commander of the terrorists in Donbas Igor Strelkov (Girkin) was seen on August 28 in Valaam Monastery (an Orthodox monastery in Russian Karelia, located on Valaam, the largest island in Lake Ladoga) with the ideologist of the "Russian world" Alexander Dugin.

"We received new photos of Srelkov taken on August 28 in Valaam, where he as is writing, traveled with Dugin," writes LiveJournal user colonelcassad.

Earlier in the media there was information about the likely death of the commander of terrorists of the self-proclaimed Donetsk Republic, which Ukrainian authorities ask to name a terrorist organzation. Thus, according to the deputy commander of Azov Battalion Yaroslav Honchar, Igor Strelkov was wounded in the leg and lost a finger.