Through Eden to dialogue: Ukrainian to present domestic interreligious experience in UN peacekeeping project

06.05.2021, 08:30
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A representative from Ukraine takes part in the Interreligious project of the UN Alliance of Civilizations "EDIN"/"Edem", aimed at young leaders – representatives of the Abrahamic religions.

Since December 2020, the Alliance of Civilizations at the United Nations has launched an intensive interreligious project, among the finalist participants of which (from more than 15 countries of the world) there is also a graduate of the Faculty of Philosophy and theology of the Ukrainian Catholic University Andriy Synyshyn.

Andriy's initiative was selected on a competitive basis. This is a social media campaign that aims to promote the idea of interreligious cooperation.

"The name and digital identity of the project – EDIN / "Eden" – the biblical name of the garden of Eden – correspond to the idea of cohabitation and peace. The story of the creation and the history of the garden of Eden, in particular, contains the sacred writings of Judaism, Christianity and Islam, and such a common vision of ideals cannot but inspire and motivate cooperation," says Andrey Sinishin.

The social campaign will contain graphic and text posts (bilingual) and will be posted on the Facebook page of the Libertas Center for Interreligious Dialogue, a project partner, with the global hashtag #EDIN and the Ukrainian hashtag #dalekiblizki.

The word "EDIN" itself is also an acronym for "empowering dialogue and interfaith networks".

According to one of Andriy's mentors, Taras Dzyubansky, coach for Intercultural and interreligious dialogue and director of the Institute of Religion and Society of UCU, "this is a good opportunity for Ukraine to present a map of its own religious diversity, as well as demonstrate an example of cohabitation and cooperation between representatives of different religions."

The campaign itself begins with a post with a quote about understanding the importance of education and dialogue by Bishop Vasyl Losten, a long-term head of the Stamford Diocese of the Ukrainian Catholic Church in the United States, a well-known philanthropist.

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By the way, the Libertas dialogue Center, together with the Institute of religion and Society of UCU, is launching the dialogue program this year and launching a summer lecture named after Bishop Vasily Losten.