UGCC Patriarch: relations between Churches have improved after February 24

31.07.2022, 13:08
UGCC Patriarch: relations between Churches have improved after February 24 - фото 1
Since February 24, relations between Churches have improved, and everyone is working together to save themselves and save others.

Patriarch Sviatoslav of the UGCC said it in an interview with the Italian media outlet, Il Foglio.

"We've all changed. Perhaps not everyone has realized that the world we knew before February 24, 2022, no longer exists. Neither Russia, Ukraine, Europe, nor other countries. One "click", and we've changed forever. And if the relations between people change, then, obviously, the relations between a person and society, a person and any community will change, and the relations between churches will also change," the first hierarch said.

"If we talk about relations between Churches in Ukraine, I must say that they have really improved because we have united more than ever before in the name of protecting human life. We see that all the differences, even some private selfish interests (which are sometimes cherished even by churches), have now faded into the background, and the existential question of how to survive together with our people is now in the first place. Therefore, we are cooperating," he added.

Representatives of different religions unite for the sake of a common cause.

"Perhaps later an ecumenical, doctrinal level reflection will come, which will be born out of the existential experience, but when it comes to organizing, for example, a green corridor to evacuate and save the lives of people in immediate danger of death, then everyone unites: Catholics, Orthodox, Protestants, Muslims, Jews. We all cooperate to save ourselves and save others," said Patriarch Sviatoslav of the UGCC.