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Ukrainian Orthodox Of The USA Appeals for Urgent Contribution for Maidan

25.02.2014, 12:07

Metropolitan Antony and bishop Daniel of Ukrainian Orthodox of the USA issied an appeal for urgent contribution for Maidan. 

"As the news agencies around the world have informed, the situation in Ukraine has become worse, almost beyond comprehension, to the point that the government is deliberately firing into crowds of demonstrators in Independence Square in Kyiv with horrific results in the deaths of now over one hundred people. It appears that the lessons of history have not been learned and the murder of the citizenry is utilized to “maintain control” or for the “good” of the nation.   This does not excuse those among the demonstrators who have at times gone beyond the definition of peaceful demonstrations in excessive attacks on public institutions and personnel. The deliberate and indiscriminate attack, however, of government forces with live rifle ammunition, grenades and more, upon the masses goes far beyond the bounds of civilized response.

In the past we have urged our faithful, if they have a desire to do so, to contribute funds in support of peaceful demonstrators, through already established funds at such places as local credit unions, etc. We have now become aware, however, that the government of Ukraine has blocked the banks of Ukraine from receiving funds from abroad and the disposition of funds already transferred funds is unknown. Therefore we are issuing this urgent appeal for contributions, which will be delivered in person to the proper individuals, for the medical care of the hundreds of people who have been injured, some very severely, during the difficult days of this week. Your contribution may be the primary reason that another human being receives the treatment necessary for recovery.

We must stress that time is of the essence. Our goal is to get these contributions into the hands of those who need them within the next ten days! The most expedient method for making such donations for this cause would be to utilize our secure online donation. Contributions may be also sent by special postal delivery to the Consistory at P. O. Box, 495, South Bound Brook, NJ 08880 or they may be hand delivered to the Consistory office at 135 Davidson Avenue, Somerset, NJ 08873, marked "Ukrainian Assistance".

We must make it clear that we are making this appeal not out of any political point of view, but rather, out of our stated concern for the dignity of humanity, the rights of all people to express their beliefs in a peaceful and orderly manner and above all – the sanctity of human life. If it is in your heart to respond to this appeal, please do not delay".