WCC acting general secretary visits Moscow

18.10.2022, 10:46
Ukraine and world
WCC acting general secretary visits Moscow - фото 1
Sauca focused on a follow-up to the WCC 11th Assembly and in particular on the assembly’s public statement on the Russia-Ukraine war.

Source: Orthodoxtimes

The visit took place on request from the WCC central committee and is part of a series of visits that has already included the Middle East, Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Israel, Ukraine, and now Russia meant to build bridges of peace and reconciliation through encounters and dialogues and to avoid military conflicts, wars, and violence.

The program also included a visit to the Moscow Church Center for Assistance to Refugees and discussions with representatives from the Moscow Theological Academy.

Sauca was joined by Rev. Dr. Benjamin Simon, WCC program executive for Church Relations, and accompanied by Fr Mikhail Gundiaev, the Russian Orthodox Church’s representative to the WCC.