"We don't want to be experimental animals", UOC-MP launches antivaccination campaign

09.02.2021, 09:14
"We don't want to be experimental animals", UOC-MP launches antivaccination campaign - фото 1
Information Center of the UOC-MP launched a campaign in social networks against the bill "On System of Public Health".

The Church arranged a survey among its believers, who would be allegedly forcibly vaccinated because the draft law "On Public Health" contains provisions on "forced vaccination". Now, the Information Center of this religious organization, citing its believers' opinion, insists that people do not want to be vaccinated. According to them, over 33,000 users who left more than 600 comments on Facebook and Instagram on the Moscow Patriarchate's official pages in Ukraine discussed the topic.

Believers, according to the official release of the UOC-MP, opposed the adoption of bill No. 4142, calling it unconstitutional and anti-democratic. The Church called its message "We do not want to be guinea pigs."


"Categorically against this law, it violates the rights and freedoms of citizens! It constitutes a violation of the Constitution. This is the enslavement of our people. Each person is responsible for his own health and the health of his children," wrote one of the users whose words are quoted by the Information Center of the UOC-MP.

"Categorically against compulsory vaccination in any of its manifestations. Even if vaccination is voluntary by law, and a person who refused to vaccinate is deprived of certain rights is already coercion. And I advise everyone to recall the Nuremberg process", a user named Olga R. allegedly wrote.

In their comments, believers noticed that they do not trust the quality of new vaccines. Supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate consider forced vaccination as a "large-scale experiment on the people" and call on the authorities to settle the legal mechanism of responsibility for the safety of drugs and the possibility of refusing or replacing the vaccine through religious beliefs.

"Everything has to be voluntary. I support vaccination with proven and ethics-compliant vaccines," one of these believers wrote.

"The Lord will not leave us. We will listen to the Voice of the Church, and everything will be resolved with God's help. Our Beatitude Metropolitan Onufry said: "The best vaccine for us is repentance," another supporter of the UOC-MP called on.