"You will answer before me personally," - Kadyrov threatened the mufti of the Crimean RAMU with violence

10 February, 13:37
Aider Rustemov - фото 1
Aider Rustemov
The head of the Ukrainian Religious Administration of Crimean Muslims, aider Rustemov, held a meeting with eight Russian prisoners of war, including natives of Chechnya, at a Kyiv mosque. They said they were in Ukraine on the command orders, and all consider themselves Muslims.

This is reported by Radio Liberty.

The Mufti reminded the prisoners of the Caucasian wars of the XVIII–XIX centuries when the Russian Empire killed their ancestors and appropriated local peoples' lands. After the collective prayer, Rustemov presented the interlocutors with prayer mats and several Islamic books, in particular, the Koran in Russian.

After the meeting of the Crimean Mufti with the Russian military, the head of Chechnya made threats against Rustemov.

"I will personally ask you wherever you are," Ramzan Kadyrov said.

He added that if the prisoners return to Russia, they should allegedly return to the front line to take revenge on the Crimean Mufti.