Catholic Media Center celebrates 15th anniversary

04.05.2016, 09:54
Catholic Media Center celebrates 15th anniversary - фото 1

On May 3, the Catholic Media Center celebrated its anniversary. Exactly 15 years ago, on May 3, 2001, the CMC was established specially for the visit of Pope John Paul II in Ukraine.



This media outlet has actively participated in the preparation of the visit of the Pope and has provided information to secular media on the course of the Pope’s visit and the life of the Roman Catholic Church in Ukraine and the world.

Fr Pavlo Vyshkovskyy OMI, former director of the CMC, told about the beginning of the media center of its blessing by the then nuncio in Ukraine Archbishop Mykola Eterovych, bishop ordinary Ian Purvinskyy Bishop Stanislaw Shyrokoradiuk, on whose initiative the media center was established.

The celebration of the 15th anniversary of the CMC ended with the festive Holy Mass.

This information online resource occupies a significant niche in covering the life of the Catholic Church. RISU teams congratulate its colleagues in CMC and wishes further success in their work.

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