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Greek Catholic Priest Awarded For Charitable Activities

19.06.2002, 23:21
Fr. Ivan Shevtsiv of Australia, Stanley Peterson of Canada and Volodymyr Berseniev of Ukraine have won the 2001 Yevhen Chykalenko prize for their charitable activities and considerable contributions to the national revival and development of Ukraine. The prize, instituted by the League of Ukrainian Philanthropists five years ago, will be awarded on the eve of Ukrainian Independence Day on 24 August 2002. This news was reported by the information agency Info News on 18 June 2002.

Fr. Ivan Shevtsiv of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (UGCC) is a citizen of Australia who in 1996 presented a 5000-volume library to the Lviv Theological Academy and sponsored publication of more than 30 Ukrainian books. Fr. Shevtsiv launched a fund in his name at the Ukrainian Catholic University in Rome, financing academic publications and helping poor students to cover tuition fees. Stanley Peterson is a famous philanthropist from Canada who has made great donations to many causes both in theUkrainian diaspora and in Ukraine. He donated 55,000 Canadian dollars to the International Peter Jacyk Contest in the Ukrainian language. Volodymyr Berseniev is director of the Institute of Pain Problems in Kyiv, a neuropathologist, author of books and monographs. The institute has returned over 30,000 patients to active life. Berseniev specializes in problems of the spine and also cerebral spastic infantile paralysis. He buys the medicines at his own expense. Source: www.infonews.com