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Heads of Christian Churches send Christmas greetings to Ukrainians

25.12.2015, 14:30
Heads of Christian Churches send Christmas greetings to Ukrainians - фото 1
Because the child is born for us - not for angels or archangels, but for us, ordinary earthly people!


“May Christmas bring peace to Ukraine” – ‘Urbi et Orbi’ - Christmas message of Pope Francis to Ukrainians

“Where God is born, hope is born.  He brings hope.  Where God is born, peace is born.  And where peace is born, there is no longer room for hatred and for war,” said Pope Francis in his annual Christmas message Urbi et Orbi in the Vatican.

The Pope elaborated on countries where military conflicts evolve. He also referred to Ukraine.

“May Christmas also bring true peace to Ukraine, offer comfort to those suffering from the effects of the conflict, and inspire willingness to carry out the agreements made to restore concord in the entire country.”

Christmas message of Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew


Newborn God calls us to accept the good news of salvation. Indeed, throughout the long history of mankind, people moved and settled in colonies. It was hoped that after two world wars and a number of declarations of peace proclaimed by religious and political heads and organizations, modern society will be able to maintain peaceful coexistence in their countries. Unfortunately, the facts contradict this hope: faced with the danger of destruction, people are forced to leave their country in great numbers by the bitter route of refugees.

This situation, where the wave of refugees incessantly increases, imposes on us the following obligations: having so far the blessing to live in peace and prosperity, we cannot remain indifferent to the daily drama of thousands of our neighbors. We must show them our solidarity and our love, being confident that the love manifested to them relates to the personality of the Son of God, born and incarnate, who came into the world neither as a king, a prince, nor a rich man.... Let each of us offer what he may to the Lord, whom we meet in the face of our fellow refugees. Let us bring to Infant Christ, who is born today in Bethlehem, the precious gifts of love, sacrifice and philanthropy, following suit His mercy. Bow onto Him together with the angels, wise men, simple shepherds, singing along with the Saints: “Glory to God in the highest and on earth peace to his beloved” (Luke 2:14).

Christmas Message of His Beatitude Sviatoslav Shevchuk (The Ukrainaian Greek Catholic Church)

Let us celebrate this Christmas together with those who have become displaced, those who have lost their loved ones, their possessions and their homes. In this Holy Year of the Mercy of God, may the doors of our homes, open to the needy, be, in the words of Pope Francis, the doors of the mercy of God... By welcoming the refugees, the poor and the suffering, we welcome into our homes, into our families and into our communities the Son of God Himself- the Font of God’s peace. Let us not ask what language they speak, what church they attend, or what beliefs they hold. Rather let us be interested in what hurts them, where their loved ones are, and how we may help them. With our prayers and acts of mercy let us approach together with them the manger in which Christ is resting. It is in them, precisely, that we will be able to welcome the new-born Saviour. And it is precisely in this way that we will enter into reconciliation with God and with our brothers and sisters, and bring God’s peace to our greatly suffering Ukrainian land.

May the new-born Saviour hear all our prayers, keep our nation and our leaders in peace and wellbeing and bestow upon them His heavenly blessing.


Wishing you a blessed Feast of the Nativity of our Lord, a tasty kutia and a happy new year!

Greetings of the hierarchs of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church in Western Europe

The feast of the Nativity of Christ replenishes everything with new joy and new strength, for, as a Carol says: Eternal God is born! At the Bethlehem manger, we understand better than elsewhere the depth of God's wisdom that directs all being.

The Angel of God, who once came down to the shepherds, and now comes down on earth and repeats the word spoken long time ago: Eternal God is born! Today, the same angel of God, in the sad darkness of our time, among fear and sorrow ousts hatred and lies, indifference and disbelief from human hearts and instill hope therein.

Christ is Born!

+ Petro (Kryk), Apostolic Exarch for Ukrainian in Germany and Scandinavia

Glib + (Lonchyna), Bishop of the Diocese of the Holy Family in London, Apostolic Visitator for Ukrainians in Ireland

+ Dionysus (Liakhovich), Apostolic Visitator for Ukrainians in Italy and Spain

BORIS + (Gudziak), Bishop of the Diocese of St. Vladimir in Paris and Apostolic Delegate in Switzerland and the Benelux countries

Greetings of Metropolitan Archbishop Mieczyslaw Mokrzycki of Lviv on the occasion of Christmas

My beloved in Christ brothers and sisters! On the occasion of this year's Holy Christmas, which is celebrated in the Jubilee Year of Divine Mercy proclaimed by Pope Francis, I beg you to accept my sincere congratulations. I wish you a joyful expectation of the fulfillment of God's promises and readiness for the advent of the Son of Everlasting Father in every situation of your life and ministry. I wish you the strength of the Holy Spirit that will praise the Lord and sow the seeds of peace and good between neighbors ... I wish you many gifts of God in the New Year 2016. May these words sound all over the earth and on the lips and in the heart of every person:

Christ was born!

Glorify Him!

Christmas message of UAOC Primate Metropolitan Makariy


He, who was born on that memorable night, will say on the eve of His suffering: “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give you" (Jn. 14, 27). Christ brought to earth an example of brotherhood and mutual service to one another and peaceful coexistence. The Savior left on earth yet another kind of peace – the internal one. If you ask numerous people, including those living in the eastern part of our country, whether they believe in the Savior, you will hear an affirmative answer - yes. However, many do not want to use the Lord's peace, endorsing Russian aggressive activities and seeking war, without love of Ukrainian peaceful coexistence. Why is this happening? Because there is no peace of mind, which is the blessed fruit of the Spirit of God. It is about this peace the Divine Teacher spoke to his disciples – the apostles – in a very simple manner: “Peace be with you” (Jn. 20:19).

With the same words and wishes of spiritual peace in Christ for us, the holy Church blesses us during the Divine services. This is the peace with God, with one’s own conscience, peace with people who can be calmly and openly looked into their eyes. It would be a great happiness for every Christian soul, for every Christian - Ukrainian, to find a peace when searching. .. May our believing hearts always praise God for all He brought to the earth through His birth through his incarnation and redemption on the cross. Let us always put effort so that peace, understanding and good will between ourselves and the Ukrainian people of other nationalities living on Ukrainian soil were mutual and brotherly love graced our common earthly life ...

Christmas greetings of Mykhailo Panochko, Senior Bishop of the Church of Christians of Evangelical Faith of Ukraine

Whenever we mention this glorious event in the history of mankind, it is like mooring to the pier after the voyage in the stormy sea of ​​life. These words replenish our hearts with heavenly peace and love: “For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us, And the government will rest on His shoulders;” (Isaiah 9: 6).

Oh, what gratitude must emanate our mouths and hearts to our Heavenly Father - the Lord of the universe, who sent the most precious and beloved to people - his only-begotten Son - with the most noble mission - to save our souls.

Let us not: not to judge, not to punish, but to save, to forgive, pardon and heal our souls. Because the child is born for us - not for angels or archangels, but for us, ordinary earthly people!

Christ is born, Glorify Him, praise Him and love Him sincerely!

Greetings of the All-Ukrainian Union of Churches of Evangelical Christian Baptists (AUC ECB)

May this holiday time inspire the heart of every Christian to instill people with hope and joy of Christmas. The Church of Christ in Ukraine is an integral part of its people, because we are aware of our spiritual responsibility for it, especially in the context of disbelief and frustration, anxiety and financial difficulties. The hope brought by the Newborn to the world is our ministry today - to treat human wounds, to show the only path to peace and prosperity, to care for our people with incessant fervent prayers, give them the love of God in exchange for frustration and disappointment. He alone is the guarantee of peace and prosperity, our security guarantor. Let more people know the name of the Newborn through our ministry - the "Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace" (Isa. 9: 6).

"Glory in his holy name; let the hearts of those who seek the LORD rejoice! Seek the LORD and his strength; seek his presence continually!"(1 Chron. 16: 10-11).

With sincere prayers for you -

Valeriy Antoniuk, Ihor Bandura, Volodymyr Shemchyshyn, Serhiy Moroz, Vyacheslav Nesteruk, Ivan Romaniuk, Vasyl Oliynyk