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"Heresy" and "Nazism": The OCU's representative commented on the conclusions of the XXV All-Russian People's Council

31 March, 17:25

Religious organizations with their headquarters situated in the aggressor country ought to be swiftly prohibited in Ukraine. This conclusion was drawn by Metropolitan Yevstratiy (Zorya) of the OCU after scrutinizing the documents of the XXV All-Russian People's Council.

He articulated this viewpoint on his Facebook page:

"The recent documents from the 'World Russian People's Council,' spearheaded by Gundyaev, where the 'special operation' is labeled as 'holy war,' and where the further justification for Russian aggression against Ukraine is provided, serve as additional evidence that:

- from a religious standpoint, the ideology of the 'Russian world,' which vehemently displaces vestiges of Orthodoxy and Christianity from daily life, constitutes HERETICAL doctrine and a contemporary form of idolatry;
- from a secular standpoint, the ideology of the 'Russian world' mirrors Nazism, rationalizing aggressive warfare, terror, genocide, and other atrocities against humanity," he observed.

"How much more proof is required to sever the ties of religious organizations in Ukraine with Russian state entities controlling religious affairs - such as the Moscow Patriarchate and others of its ilk? How much more of this 'Russian world' must Gundyaev propagate for the OCU to tangibly (and not just rhetorically) disassociate itself from his authority?

Even adherents of the OCU concede that these new documents endorsed by Gundyaev amount to fascism," Metropolitan Yevstratiy said.

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