In Mariupol, a tank shells the Office of Caritas, two employees killed

12 April, 14:19
In Mariupol, a tank shells the Office of Caritas, two employees killed - фото 1
The leaders of the Confederation of Charitable Organizations "Caritas Internationalis" express their condolences over the death of two female employees in Mariupol.

This is reported by Vatican News.

According to the local cell, on March 15 in Mariupol, a tank shelled the charity's office, killing two employees and five relatives hiding from the shelling in the house.

"This tragic news causes a sense of horror and shock in the Caritas family. With pain and solidarity, we join the suffering of families and our colleagues from Caritas Ukraine who are experiencing this tragedy, "said Alojus John, Secretary-General of Caritas Internationalis.

"Feeling deeply sad and shocked by the report of an attack that claimed human lives. Caritas Internationalis expresses its deep condolences and closeness to the families of the dead and wounded. Our sadness translates into a call for the international community to make every effort to end this violence, return to dialogue and recognize brother and sister in every human person," he said, answering a question about how this message evokes feelings.

"Caritas organizations in Ukraine and neighboring countries will continue to provide assistance to the population in Ukraine and refugees fleeing the war. We are sincerely grateful to all the employees and volunteers who tirelessly serve those in need, also risking their lives... We need to give peace a chance. Armed conflict and violence are not the solution. Human lives must be protected, human dignity must be respected, and the safety of the civilian population must be guaranteed," said Secretary-General of Caritas Internationalis.