In the Christmas Urbi et Orbi, the Pope wishes peace to Ukraine

25.12.2020, 13:58
In the Christmas Urbi et Orbi, the Pope wishes peace to Ukraine - фото 1
On December 25, Pope Francis delivered the traditional Christmas message Urbi et Orbi.

The pontiff wished peace to all people, reminding us that we are all brothers and sisters, regardless of what continent we live on and what language we speak. He said that "this Child, Jesus, was born 'to us'… without any borders, privileges or exclusions."

In his blessing, the Holy Father mentioned the discovery of anti-coronavirus vaccines, calling this event a glimmer of hope in a period of uncertainty.

"But so that these lights could enlighten the whole world and bring hope, they must be accessible to all. We cannot allow closed nationalism to prevent us from living as the true family of humanity. We also cannot allow the virus to defeat us," he warned.
The Pope also mentioned in his message all the corners of the Earth where there is unrest and blood is being spilled. On this sad list, there is a place for Ukraine.

"May the son of God support the efforts of the international community and the countries involved in observing the ceasefire in Nagorny Karabakh, as well as in the eastern regions of Ukraine, and promote dialogue as the only path leading to peace and reconciliation," the Hierarch of Rome stressed.

The Pope delivered the current Nativity message Urbi et Orbi not at the balcony, as usual, but in the study in the Apostolic Palace via video meeting.

This form was chosen to avoid large crowds in St. Peter's Square in Rome.

The Italian authorities have introduced a quarantine regime for the so-called "red zone" during the Christmas holidays, according to which you can leave your home only in limited cases, including participation in Holy Mass in a church near your place of residence.