Invaders to build an ice rink on site of Muslim cemetery in Crimea

12.04.2021, 08:40
An ice rink will be built on the site of a Muslim cemetery in Russian-occupied Yevpatoria (Crimea), despite the indignation of the Crimean Tatars.

Obozrevatel has reported it, also publishing historical data, according to which the development can be recognized as illegal.

The cemetery is located in Yevpatoria. It is noted that disputes over the cemetery lasted for several months, and the Crimean Tatars called the plans of the invaders "construction on bones".

At the same time, the so-called "Deputy Prime Minister" of Crimea, Yevgeny Kabanov said that "there is not a single cemetery" in that place. It is his company that acts as a construction developer.

For his part, the "head" of Yevpatoria city, Roman Tikhonchuk, specified that he allegedly found a compromise option: part of the territory that is empty will be provided for use as a park square, and the rest – as a sports facility.

Cemetery territory and Monument.

On Tuesday, April 13, the plan for the park square will be discussed in the Religious Administration of Muslims.

The publication also notes that the historical data published by the Yevpatoria Museum of local lore indicates that further development of the cemetery may be recognized as illegal.

Довідка Євпаторійського краєзнавчого музею.