Israel urged its citizens not to go to Uman and leave Ukraine immediately

Israel urged its citizens not to go to Uman and leave Ukraine immediately - фото 1
The Israeli foreign ministry has called on its citizens not to visit Ukraine, particularly Uman, and those currently in the country are invited to "immediately leave" the territory.

The Embassy of Israel in Ukraine published this message on its Facebook page, reports

"In connection with the war and hostilities between Russian and Ukrainian troops, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Israeli citizens to avoid visiting the territory of Ukraine, including the city of Uman and the surrounding area," the report says.

Israeli citizens who are currently in Ukraine are being urged to "immediately leave the country's borders."

The Embassy explained that the security situation, the threat of air bombing or rocket attacks, particularly in the center and west of the country, is a real and immediate danger to life.

The Embassy also noted that on February 24, martial law was introduced in Ukraine, providing for restrictions on freedom of movement, curfews, and compliance with security and law enforcement measures, including possible inspections, arrests and deportations.

The Israeli Embassy does not have a permanent presence in Ukraine these days, so it cannot provide consular services to its citizens.

Ukraine will not be able to accept pilgrims from Israel who come to Uman in September to celebrate the Jewish New Year – Rosh Hashanah this year. This was reported by the Embassy of Ukraine in Israel.