Kremlin barbarians shelled the Sultan Suleiman and Roksolana Mosque in Mariupol

11.03.2022, 21:09
Mosque in Mariupol - фото 1
Mosque in Mariupol
Photo source: Wikimedia
"Right now, Russian monsters are demolishing the mosques of Sultan Suleiman and Roksolana in Mariupol with shelling. About 80 Muslims with children, mostly Turkish citizens, are hiding in the basement of the mosque. The connection is lost. What happened to people is unknown. May Allah grant that all survive!", said Sheikh Said Ismagilov on his Facebook page at 20:43.

According to him, this is one of the new most beautiful mosques in Ukraine.

"I was at its opening, and in 2014, after I left Donetsk, I was the imam of this mosque for a month. May the Lord punish with a terrible punishment the thieves who raised their weapons to the place of peace and prayer! They have neither humanity nor morality," writes the head of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Ummah".