Medieval norms of Taliban Islam pose a threat to peace, – Mufti Ismagilov

30.08.2021, 13:13
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Medieval norms of Taliban Islam pose a threat to peace, – Mufti Ismagilov - фото 1
The Taliban movement that came to power in Afghanistan is guided by medieval norms of Islam. Some of them contradict the Muslim faith, in particular, regarding the situation of women. If the new leadership of the country does not fulfill its promises to provide citizens with greater rights and freedoms, there will be a threat to the countries bordering Afghanistan.

Mufti of the spiritual administration of Muslims of Ukraine "Umma" Said Ismagilov made this statement on the air of the OBOZREVATEL TV channel.

"Afghanistan has always stood apart from the trends of the rest of the Muslim world. Almost medieval norms and ideas have been preserved there. The development, modernization, and adaptation of these norms did not actually occur. Some of the norms that are being implemented by the Taliban are not just not up-to-date for the Muslim world-they do not correspond to Islam. For example, they used to prohibit women from studying or working. There are no such prohibitions in Islam," the Mufti stressed.

"On the contrary, in the Islamic world, it is welcome that people receive both education and certain skills in various fields, so that they can develop and benefit society," he added.

Ismagilov noted that so far no one can guarantee that the Taliban authorities in Afghanistan will adhere to the declared democratic norms. That is why most of the local population, remembering the previous coming to power of the Taliban in 1996, prefers to leave the country.

The mufti added that the introduction of an ideology of Cruelty to people and society in Afghanistan, as well as a medieval understanding of Islam, will threaten neighboring countries, where this may also spread.

In this context, he recalled how effective the Islamic State propaganda campaign, which used the opportunities of media and social networks, was at one time.

"Such an ideology always seeks to spread, to broadcast itself beyond its borders. She will try to go beyond the borders of this country with the help of the media, the internet, social networks and preach her vision," the Mufti warned.