Planned Central Mosque opening termed the 'Devil's Game' by Ayder Rustemov

18.12.2023, 22:11
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Planned Central Mosque opening termed the 'Devil's Game' by Ayder Rustemov - фото 1
Russia uses religion for its own interests while actually killing Muslims worldwide. This statement came from the Supreme Mufti of Crimea, Ayder Rustemov, commenting on the planned opening of the central mosque by collaborators in Simferopol.

This was reported by QIRIM.News.

Rustemov reminded that the Russian Federation manipulates Islam for its own purposes.

"I would call this (the opening of the 'central mosque') a devil's game. Russia actually kills Muslims, uses the Islamic religion, just as it manipulates religion in the Palestinian issue," he said.

Rustemov added that the central mosque was intended to be opened even before the occupation of Crimea through voluntary contributions from sincere Muslims of Crimea.

However, it did not happen then because de facto power in Crimea belonged to Russia. After 2014, when Crimea was de jure occupied by Russia, the Kremlin seeks to legitimize its regime through the collaborator, the so-called Mufti Amirali Ablayev.

"There is a Quranic verse about how hypocrites once opened a mosque, about which Allah told the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). Then this structure was destroyed," he explained.

As reported, the occupiers in Crimea plan to open the Central Mosque in Simferopol in early February 2024. On December 9, the first prayer was held at the Central Mosque of Simferopol. The prayer was led by the pro-Russian collaborator mufti, Emirali Ablayev.