Metropolitan Epifaniy congratulates Ukrainian defenders on their day

06.12.2021, 10:31
Metropolitan Epifaniy congratulates Ukrainian defenders on their day - фото 1
In Ukraine, we have thousands of new heroes who courageously took on the responsibility of saving and defending, day and night defending our land from the enemy. We congratulate them today, on the day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and express our gratitude for their loyalty and self-sacrifice to them every day. The Ukrainian Church offers prayers for our defenders and provides all possible assistance: spiritual and material.

This is stated in the congratulatory message of the head of the OCU.

He approved the adoption of the law on military chaplains by the Verkhovna Rada.

"Priests of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine are where they are needed, including together with Ukrainian soldiers at the front, risking their own lives. According to the law, the military chaplaincy service will become part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. This means that those who stood on the defense of the spiritual front of our state and previously formally belonged to the defenders of the state now will have a legally fixed status at the proper level.

Therefore, today I cordially congratulate the Ukrainian servicemen and our chaplains! On this day, I wish you God's blessing and protection, and may the Lord help you in your service for the good of Ukraine! ", - the greeting says.