Millennial frescoes and mosaics of St. Sophia of Kyiv are in danger

23.01.2022, 10:37
Millennial frescoes and mosaics of St. Sophia of Kyiv are in danger - фото 1
Millennial frescoes and mosaics of St. Sophia of Kyiv are in danger At any time in the cathedral, the equipment that maintains the necessary temperature and humidity in the main church may fail.

This is reported by TSN.

The air conditioning and heating system, which was installed in the times of Stalin, needs to be replaced immediately.

According to the chief engineer of St Sofia of Kyiv Vitaly Nazarenko, now the humidifier does not work. And humidity is regulated by temperature, reducing or increasing it. Due to the wear and tear of the equipment, it can stop at any time. And this is fraught with fatal consequences.

"The temperature in the cathedral will fall below critical. This will entail destructive processes, which in principle will no longer be reversible," he notes.

The required temperature and humidity in the temple are controlled using special sensors. In particular, the wall dehumidification meter. A unique development of Elon Musk, which helps the buildings of Sofia not to collect excess moisture in the structures – says the director of the St Sofia Reserve Nelya Kukovalskaya. This meter was presented by patrons.

St Sofia of Kyiv as a living organism, which is affected daily by many factors, says Nelya Kukovalskaya. And it needs to be treated in time. For this purpose, the French company has created a project for automatic integrated monitoring. It has already passed state expertise and is ready for implementation. But its implementation requires more than 30 million hryvnias.

The Reserve is part of the big restoration program, "says Alexander Tkachenko, Minister of culture and Information Policy. This year, three billion hryvnias were budgeted for it. St Sofia, in particular. But you should not count only on the state, Tkachenko hints.

Patrons help solve problems. The other day they were honored in St Sofia of Kyiv on a Thanksgiving evening.

Every year, dozens of restoration projects are implemented in Sofia of Kyiv, as well as publishing, scientific, cultural and artistic programs, exhibitions and festivals. The Reserve hopes that this year they will be able to implement everything planned.