More than a hundred Ukrainian citizens are imprisoned in the annexed Crimea for political or religious reasons — human rights activists

17.11.2020, 09:50
At least 110 Ukrainian citizens are illegally detained in places of deprivation of Liberty in the temporarily occupied Crimea. All of them are persecuted for political or religious reasons.

This is reported by Hromadske with a link to the Crimean Human Rights Group.

The largest group is represented by "cases" against Crimean Muslims (the so-called "Hizb ut-Tahrir cases"), there are 11 of them. Most people are persecuted within the second Simferopol group of "cases of Crimean Muslims", overall they are 25. The case of "Ukrainian saboteurs" embraces 15 defendants.

Seven people are being persecuted in the "case of the Crimean Tatar Celebijikhan Battalion", six people are persecuted in the "case of Jehovah's witnesses". As part of "Sentsov Group Case", one person is being prosecuted, his name's Oleksiy Chorniy.

The list also includes isolated criminal cases, as well as those prosecuted for "participation in the Maidan" and "calls for the return of Crimea to the control of Ukraine."