Moscow Patriarchate is the embassy of anti-vaccinators in Ukraine, - expert opinion

10.11.2021, 15:21
Moscow Patriarchate is the embassy of anti-vaccinators in Ukraine, - expert opinion - фото 1
The state maintains an extremely soft policy regarding mandatory vaccination, because it thinks not for the life of Ukrainians, but how not to lose the electorate.

This was reported on Channel 5 by Dmytro Sherembey, chairman of the Coordination Council of the NGO "100% of life", during the program "5 kopecks".

"In fact, this softness in the policy of restrictions has led to 70 thousand deaths. I think it will be more than 100 thousand by the end of the year. The reason is very simple – we don't know which side to take: we don't know if we are for one or the other. It's as if we want to vote gently, and as if we don't have to worry – the elections are coming soon. I don't understand such a state policy at all," Sherembey said.

He stressed that this is very simple logic: the tougher the inability to ignore vaccination in any form now extends to everyone, the faster schools, cinemas and everything else will start working in our country.

"The longer politicians are in an uncertain position, the longer the Sabbaths of the Moscow Patriarchate will gather under the Verkhovna Rada. It is obvious to everyone that Ukraine has an embassy of this idiocy – the Moscow Patriarchate," the expert says.
He added that in order to close this "embassy" once and for all, a single decision of the Ministry of Culture is needed.

"The entire Kyiv-Pechersk Lavra and 70 objects in Ukraine are leased, in which we give our museums to these idiots who teach people to die. All you need to do is review the contract. If they do not want to implement the state policy in Ukraine – goodbye. As soon as this" embassy of idiocy" is closed, there will be no Sabbaths," Dmytro Sherembey says.