OCU calls on the UOC-MP not to rely on pro-Russian politicians, but to follow the Tomos and start a constructive dialogue

03.02.2021, 09:15
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Political orthodoxy
Photo source: UNIAN
The Holy Synod of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Orthodox Church of Ukraine) at its meeting on February 2, 2021, considered information spread in open sources about the possible illegal influence of pro-Russian politicians and supporters of the Moscow Patriarchate on the adoption of a number of high-profile court decisions.

We are talking about an attempt to block the action and repeal Law No. 2662, which provides for the obligation of religious organizations that have their own leadership Center in the aggressor country, that is, in the Russian Federation, to indicate in their official name belonging to such a religious center. The OCU Synod shared a statement.

"The Metropolia of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine stubbornly ignores this law. Being truly part of the Russian Orthodox Church, as indicated in the relevant statutory documents of both structures, falling under the criteria specified in the law, a religious association called "the Ukrainian Orthodox Church" and religious organizations that are members of it, hiding behind a judge's decision publicly demonstrating commitment to the Moscow Patriarchate, has not fulfilled the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine for two years. The consequence of such disregard was that the leadership of religious organizations belonging to the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine cannot make changes to the Unified State Register, cannot change the leaders indicated in the register to others, and cannot register new religious organizations," the OCU hierarchs note.

Instead of doing one of two things – either becoming a truly independent Ukrainian religious association by withdrawing from Russian subordination or fulfilling the requirements of the law of Ukraine by stating its name in accordance with its true jurisdictional affiliation – the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine, according to the OCU hierarchs, hopes for the repeal of Law No. 2662 by the Constitutional Court.

"The use of pro-Russian forces' influence on judicial proceedings can actually be assessed as another tool of the Kremlin's hybrid aggression against Ukraine. We are determined to resist this aggression, and we call on all those who love Ukraine, regardless of their attitude to religion, to do so. We also call on our state and Ukraine's international partners to pay attention to these potential threats and prevent their implementation," says the OCU statement.

The bishops of the OCU once again called on the leadership of the Moscow Patriarchate in Ukraine not to rely on pro-Russian politicians and their influence, but to recognize the truth, follow the Tomos on autocephaly of the Ukrainian Orthodox Church and start a constructive dialogue with the Orthodox Church of Ukraine.