On the 197th day of the war, the Head of the UGCC called on Ukrainians to build unity

08 September, 18:20
On the 197th day of the war,  the Head of the UGCC called on Ukrainians to build unity - фото 1
Let us work, pray and build unity! Let us seek unity in our families, parishes, and between the Churches of Ukraine. Unity, as a gift and fruit of the works of the Holy Spirit, is a manifestation of His presence in the life of the community — the Church and the people. This was said by the Head of the UGCC, His Beatitude Sviatoslav in his daily military address on the 197th day of the great war that Russia is waging against the Ukrainian people.

"This war continues to inflict deep wounds to our people and cause enormous humanitarian consequences. Ukrainians and the international community haven't realized their scale yet. However, even today, specialists note that 57 percent of Ukrainians are traumatized by the war. Many have so-called post-traumatic stress disorder. This cannot help but affect the mood of our society, all those processes that then affect relations between people," the Head of the Church stated.

His Beatitude Sviatoslav also drew attention to yesterday's meeting of the UN Security Council, where the whole world learned about yet another crime of Russia against the Ukrainian people. "Today, we hear that more than 2.5 million citizens have already been deported from the occupied territories of the south and east of Ukraine. Ukrainians are taken to the Far East, to Siberia. Among them are 38,000 children. Most of these children were deprived of parental care, that is, deported without their parents. This is a great wound and a great pain for the Ukrainian people. Therefore, today we should especially pray for those who passed through the filtration concentration camps and were forced to leave their hometowns or villages at gunpoint," the Patriarch emphasized.

At the same time, the academic year has started in Ukraine. According to the Ministry of Education, 500,000 students and more than 16,000 teachers are now outside Ukraine. In our country, 13,000 schools have started the educational process, yet only about 3,000 managed to organize live classroom training. Other schools work remotely or in a hybrid format. About 4 million children began their school year. "Today, these children and their parents," the Head of the UGCC believes, "should receive our special care and be in the center of attention of the Church and our joint prayer."

The Primate noted that during the war, malice and hatred between people sometimes become dominant feelings. "And this is understandable as we are deeply wounded by this war," said the Head of the Church, albeit immediately warning: "Yet, we do not have the right to allow our difficulties and wounds to become the cause of discord between us, so that our pain turns into a destructive force, which ruins human relationships. Therefore, we should appreciate everything that unites us and consolidates our people. Valuing our national, Church and even socio-political unity is one of the prerequisites for the victory of Ukraine. Without internal unity, we have no strength."

"That is why we pray for Ukraine daily: "God, grant us unity!" We must conscientiously fulfill our duties, each in our own place. Because today, this is the key to success. Everyone must stand their ground, perform their work, and carry out the mission given by the Lord and the Homeland," His Beatitude Sviatoslav emphasized.

"God bless those who build unity! God bless those who seek unity, carry it within themselves and spread it! God, bless our Homeland and her wounded children, and grant them Your heavenly and just peace!" the Head of the UGCC concluded.